In the beginning…

I believe that ‘sustainability’ is about more than 100% post-consumer-waste paper towels; I think it is about how we live and how we function as animals on this often beautiful planet. As an individual, I think about how I can sustain myself before and as I think about larger sustainability, the sustainability of communities and ecosystems.

This blog is a reflection of that interest. While writing my senior thesis in college, I churned out thousand-word reflections many times a week just to keep abreast of myself and my reading. Now I hang out with my cat. So, this blog is also about writing and about staying engaged with the topic of sustainability even as I do other things.

And I am doing other things. In September, I will be traveling to Lyon, France, to be an au pair for a year. This move will shift my perspective and, using the trickle-down theory of composition, I hope to use all the novelty–new people, new places, new language–to think more clearly and open-mindedly about the topics that have always interested me.

Look for regular text posts on Mondays and Wednesdays and super duper link roundups on Fridays!


What do you think?

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