Because the cat purred

It is a fact universally acknowledged that a single female in possession of a good fortune any sane person must be in want of a kitten. Especially when they look at you like this:

This cat. This cat purred.

Surprise kitten acquisition, Artemis

I will restrain myself from delving too far into ‘widdle baby’ territory. But damn, she’s cute.

More importantly, as I was rushing around last night trying to set her up with everything she needs, I realized how incredibly simple those needs are.

Food. Water. Shelter. (To a less vital extent, entertainment. Companionship.)

Obviously, there are a lot of ways I could screw this up. I could feed her a diet of Doritos and Natty Boh. I could make her sleep on a bed of nails.

But she’s got her priorities straight. Right now, she’s curled up at my feet, out cold. Once again, I’m impressed by the zen attitude of animals. She knows where her litterbox is and she has food and water. Beyond that, she mostly seems to want to be my shadow, which is both flattering to my ego and nerve-wracking while I’m walking about with a cup of tea.

I’m leaving for France in under a month (bizarre time to get a cat, I know, but she’s supposed to keep my family’s other cat, Simon, company). This is cool and exciting, but I’m not a consummate traveler. I like knowing where every kitchen pot and pan belongs. I like having a familiar chair and an unfamiliar book. I like knowing the neighbors and becoming accustomed to the habits of the people and animals of the neighborhood.

Still, as much as my soft self has some definitely stay-at-home tendencies, I also like getting lost, I like walking for hours in places I’ve never been before, I enjoy making new connections with people. So in the months to come, I’m going to try to carry this feline zen with me even as I leave the little miss at home.

Find the food and water and a good place to curl up–the rest will work itself out.

Like this.

Like this.


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