Five Links Friday

Assigning a financial cost to carbon emissions isn’t a new idea, but large companies budgeting for that? That’s new.
Large Companies Prepared to Pay Price on Carbon

Left vs. Right, an infographic from Information is Beautiful

Well, this is cool: IKEA Shipping Flat-Packed Solar-Powered Shelters to Refugees

If Peas Can Talk, Should We Eat Them? 

Everyday when I’m walking through the construction zone next to the flat, I’m thinking about this:
London’s ‘cycling superhighways’ are ideal … for kamikazes

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  1. From the ‘If Peas can talk” article: “…plants are more complex organisms than previously thought.” Which applies to pretty much everything that’s conceptually ‘defined’ by the ‘pod’ that houses it. Take a look at Rupert Sheldrake’s essay on Morphic Resonance (especially the section titled “The Allegory of the Television Set”), and I think you’ll see what I mean…

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