Meditation Mercredi*

I have an idea brewing for a post, and I actually think it’s a good one. I’ve taken a photo for it, and I’ve started going over main points in my head. I have not, however, sat down and actually composed a word of it. Not a word (unless you include the title, which I’m not going to give away here).

I also have a screen addiction. It’s 11:11 pm as I’m writing this (make a wish!); I’ve been telling myself to get off the computer and make yogurt for the past two hours. I was tired. I had wine at dinner. I sat down at the computer aimlessly, knowing there were a few things I could find to do to “be productive” and also knowing that one of the tasks I had set before myself was to write a blog post.

Well, I didn’t write the post I wanted to write.

I did find some leads on future job possibilities and checked out a BuzzFeed link that made me laugh. Laugh out loud, that is. That’s worth something.

But sleep and sanity is valuable too. Tomorrow, when this will be published, I have close to 12 hours of continuous babysitting in front of me. I’m going to write that blog post–the one I really want to write–but in the meantime, I’m going to go make yogurt, meditate for 10 minutes, and call it a night.

Meditation wasn’t one of my New Year’s Resolutions, but the wall where I posted that list is as blank as I want my mind to be in the next few minutes. Although I’ll probably still stick to the resolutions, I realized they were goals I could easily remember without a list.

More than the relatively easy check-offs that made it onto my New Year’s list, goals like trying to live more fully in the present moment and to get away from mindless screen use actually matter.

As I’ve written this – word count now at 325 – I’ve checked numerous sites that looked interesting but didn’t teach me much; I’ve let time elapse. I haven’t made that yogurt.

But I am signing off, getting my yogurt on, and ending on a more positive note, a photograph from this past summer. Having spent many a sunny afternoon with this girl, I have yet to come across many creatures more capable of seizing the day than this one.


Mercredi = Wednesday




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