Moment of silence…


For these poor marshmallows.

At Easter, my au pair family was nice enough to give me a little easy basket of my own. I never say no to chocolate, so I loved it. But these packets of marshmallows, in surprisingly thick plastic, made me kinda sad!

Why must everything come  it at least two or three layers of packaging?!

I’m posting this to raise the age-old question: what do you do when someone gives you a gift and it has three unnecessary layers of plastic? In this case, the only thing to do was to make hot chocolate, heartily enjoy those marshmallows, and recycle the plastic. But note well: this little plastic packet was one of two (to make “individual serving sizes” and the entire thing was wrapped in another layer of plastic.

I’m all for food safety, believe me, but I’m not actually convinced that we all need individual, moon-landing ready packets of everything. Any suggestions how to steer generous-minded people away from this kind of gift? Any ideas how to avoid giving this kind of gift in the first place?

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