Springtime Changes

Spring stereotypically means change: reevaluating, replanting, renewal. I am itching to move on to my next step: postgraduate studies at University College Dublin. I’m leaving Lyon in less than three months, and it’s springtime.

What that means is that I want to spend more time outside and less time grappling with blog posts. It’s not that coming up with words is a problem, but making sure those words convey thoughts that are clear and well-ordered? I already feel as though I’m falling down on the “job,” and I want to create a sustainable rhythm that I can carry with me into my summer of traveling and my studies next year.

So instead of posting on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I will be posting regularly on Thursdays. I know, a big change. This will be either an essay or a collection of resources and images I’ve stumbled across over the week.

My hope is that with less frequent posts I will be able to better refine the content I do publish. This should also allow me time to gather and curate better images to integrate into text posts. I will also be adding a new category of posts: Reviews. While not all my reading/viewing will be dissected here, I want those posts to be easy to find. In the fall, I will most likely shift my emphasis to topics I am covering in class partly as a way to reinforce other forms of studying.

What you can look forward to (starting with next week, posting on Thursday, May 29):

  • continued, regular posts
  • higher quality “long posts” with better images
  • a new mixture of links and other information I’ve found, passed along to you
  • occasional, surprise, photo posts (when I have an image I’m dying to share)

And if you’re in our back yard, you can also look forward to cherries:

Cherries in Madeleine's net. 19 May 2014, France.

Cherries in Madeleine’s net. 19 May, France 2014.


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