Why does environmentalism, much of which is just common sense, so often sound like nagging?
-David Gessner, My Green Manifesto

I am an American currently living and working as an au pair in Southern France.

While I care deeply about the environment, I shy away from the label “environmentalist.” This is both because the label–and accompanying stereotypes–tends to shut down certain conversations, and because “environmentalist” seems to emphasize the separation between humans and their/our environment.

There is no separation. We are all part of “the environment” whether or not we want to be, so there’s gotta be a better word for wanting a just and healthy world.

This blog is a “place” for me to think these things out, to stick an oar in my ever-churning thoughts. I am pro-environment, but I am also pro-people, and I’d like to see and be part of action that sees these as one.

Maybe that makes me an environmentalist, and maybe that doesn’t.

brownie leaping across field

This pup is not an environmentalist either but look at her joy in the world!


What do you think?

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