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1. Since I’ve been going on about fruit trees so much, here’s All About Growing Fruit Trees, from Mother Earth News.

2. This sounds like a fantastic (fantastical?) solution to the ridiculous smartphone battery life (of maybe two days).

3. I read this in an effort to stay skeptical about the effect of social media in political activism.

4. Everything about this portraiture of people living on less than $1/day is amazing, but one of my takeaways is that even an elderly Bolivian wheat farmer is better educated about climate change than a good percentage of Americans (no wonder she didn’t like us!).

5. The IPCC recently came out with the second part of its major climate change report. Here’s a great five-point anchor.

Soil as Carbon Storehouse: New Weapon in Climate Fight?

Boomerangs, back-firing, “motivated reasoning,” oh my: Here are 5 Infuriating Examples of Facts Making People Dumber

Smart commentary on Ragingly dishonest climate change denial rant by Ed Rogers in Washington Post

Political ‘realism’ may doom civilization to climate disaster

If you have a bunch of pallets and need to build a home fast, here’s a cool design: This is the Pallet Emergency Home. It Can Be Built in One Day With Only Basic Tools.